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sms spy appSome time ago, I decided to issue smartphones to my employees. I am the owner of a small business that services communications towers thus I have technicians in the field throughout each day. I did not want to place a personal expense on them by making them use their personal smartphones thus I issued company-bought devices.

However, some of my friends who own businesses as well gave me warnings about what happens when employees get issued smartphones. Thus, my solution was to purchase an SMS spy app to run on their devices. I am certainly happy that I did and let me expand on the reasons why.

My Costs Contained by the SMS Tracker

The first reason why I wanted to put an SMS spy app on the smartphones issued to my employees was to contain the cell phone service costs.

Employees get a limited number of SMS messages each month as part of the business cell phone service. The number of SMS messages for each employee is sufficient for business purposes but not for unlimited personal use.

With SMS spy software, I get the full text plus date/time stamp and other party of every message generated on the target phone. I view these through the subscriber control panel provided by the tracker software vendor. Right away, I can see who is using SMS excessively and if most of their traffic is related to non-business communications.

Furthermore, if I want to make more detailed reports pertaining to SMS use, I can export the logged data into a .CSV file which can then be imported into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that I have and generate custom reports from it. With these reports, those using SMS beyond the limits are flagged.

Keep Productivity High

The SMS tracker is not only about tracking messages. It tracks other activities on the monitored smartphones such as call logs, GPS location history, websites visited, emails sent/received, chats through instant messenger (IM) apps, and more.

Another of my top concerns about issuing smartphones to my employees is time wasting in general. Without a way to see what they are doing on their smartphones, I wouldn’t know if they were spending their day browsing personal websites or chatting with friends. The SMS spy app gives me the truth in this area thus I can take action where necessary to keep productivity high.

See What Is Being Said

As an employer, I use the SMS tracker to see exactly what is being said across the smartphone network. I look for things like critical comments about company policy, employees harassing other employees, and plans.

All it takes is for one employee to start spreading offensive gossip and innuendo via SMS to others and I might have a morale problem on my hands thus affecting the productivity of my business.

View Plans

I issue my employees smartphones instead of standard cell phones so that they can use features such as the calendar and memo apps.

If I have an employee who seems to be struggling with keeping performance metrics high, I use the calendar logging feature of the SMS tracker to see how he is planning his time within this app. If I see that he has poor time management then I can guide him for getting back on track.

Putting an SMS spy app on the smartphones of my employees was really the best decision I ever made. I need not worry that these devices will be used to waste time and cost me when monthly allotment of messages exceed thresholds. If you are an employer and issue smartphones to your employees then you would be wise to put an SMS spy app on them as well.

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