Mobile Spy

mobile spyYou will get the most advanced features in the mobile monitoring field when you purchase the Mobile Spy software. This software is compatible with most phones and carriers. Mobile Spy offers features that other mobile monitoring softwares do not. That’s what makes Mobile Spy a clear choice.

Internet Activity

As a parent, todays world is filled with so many negative things that we cannot always shelter our kids from. Thankfully, monitoring their internet activity with Mobile Spy can help you ensure they are not looking at inappropriate things. Mobile devices are so convenient, but they cause a very big inconvenient’s for parents to know what their children are doing. The software will log internet activity so you will be able to see what sites your child is visiting.

The following restrictions apply to the specified phones:

  • IPhone – Mobile Spy will log activity using the Safari browser only.
  • Android –Mobile Spy will log activity on Dolphin, Firefox, Chrome and Stock for a rooted phone and Chrome and Stock for a non-rooted phone.

Monitoring Social networking

There are so many worldly things that influence children’s actions. Society tells them they have to dress and act a certain way to fit in. Unfortunately, this hinders their view of what is right and wrong.

Social media is a huge part of our daily life, and children often use it in a very inappropriate way. Mobile Spy has made it possible to monitor photos and videos that are taken on your child’s cell phone. This will help you know if your child is posting inappropriate photos or videos of themselves on the internet. The last thing we want is some creepy individual viewing our children in the wrong way. All operating systems are active for this feature, but video logging for iPhone 5 is still in process. However, it will be available shortly.

Not only can you log photos and video on the user’s phone, you can also view videos that were watched by the user using their web browser. You will get increased assurance by knowing your child is not viewing inappropriate videos on the web. The log will provide you with links of the videos they viewed.

There is an extra feature on the Mobile Spy app that monitors the YouTube app. The software will show you every video that was watched and provide a link for you to view it. This feature is only available for iPhones.

Monitoring Apps

You have the ability to see what apps are installed on the mobile device. The log will inform you of which apps and version is installed, as well as the date and time the app was downloaded. Mobile Spy even gives you the ability to block apps and deactivate them on the spot.

Mobile Spy app has made it so easy to monitor mobile activity. Ensuring safety is a priority, and that is why so many customers have turned to Mobile Spy. Todays world is filled with negative influences that can come with damaging consequences. Mobile Spy has your back when you’re not there!