How I Discovered my Cheating Spouse with mSpy

I never suspected there would come a day when I would discover my wife cheating on me. However, I am thankful to the mSpy cell phone spy app because it helped me get to the truth and in the long run protect my assets and family.

The Behavior that Made Me Suspicious

It was the suspicious behavior of my cheating spouse that prompted me to get mSpy. She showed all the typical behaviors that those having affairs display to include:

  • Ducking outside when she received a phone call
  • Not being able to explain long absences
  • Always texting and even in social situations
  • Defensiveness when I would ask her about long absences
  • Indifference when I wanted to go out with friends
  • I saw her driving somewhere but she denied it

Without mSpy, I would need to hire an expensive private detective to shadow her and even then I might not ever find out the entire truth.

Putting mSpy cell phone spy app on Her Smartphone

Once I decided to purchase mSpy, all I had to do was go to their website and make the payment. mSpy app is affordable and sold as a one-time purchase.

Then, I waited until one day she went to work and forgot her smartphone. She does this quite often. It was then that I installed the mSpy software and then took the phone to her at work. The software runs 100% undetectable so she never knew a thing.

The Features I Used to Get the Facts

mspy featuresThe mSpy spy app begins logging all activities on the smartphone it monitors soon after installation. All I needed to do was go to the web-based control panel they provide and start viewing the information sent at regular intervals. Thus, I was able to see the following:

1. Call details gave me the “who” and “when” answers. I was able to identify her lover. It was the unfamiliar number in her smartphone’s contacts file which I was able to see with mSpy.

2. The full text of emails and SMS messages gave me the “what” answers. mSpy sends every bit of text between the two of them to my control panel. I have the written proof of the affair.

3. GPS tracking gave me the “where” answers. She wasn’t actually going where she said she was because I saw the true location history through my control panel.

4. URLs of websites visited showed me how far she would go to lie. mSpy showed me the URL of the dating website where she had a false profile and met her lover.

5. Listening features confirmed my suspicions. With mSpy, all I needed to do was make a secret call to her smartphone and then I listened in to some of the conversations between her and her lover.

mSpy Helped to Protect Me

Our marriage ended in divorce. From what I could see with the help of the mSpy cell phone tracker, our marriage was beyond repair. She had ventured out and was committed to her new lover.

mSpy allowed me to get the evidence I needed soon enough so that I could find a good attorney and protect my assets as well as my visitation rights with my children.

When she was served with divorce papers, it was a total surprise but what did she expect?

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