How Easy Is It to Use PhoneSheriff?

PhoneSheriffThe quick answer to this question is that it is extremely easy to use PhoneSheriff to spy on the smartphone, iPad, or tablet computer used by your child, employee, or spouse. This ease-of-use allows you to get to the truth quickly with regard to their activities on these smart devices.

The Features That Make It Easy

You will find what makes phonesheriff easy to use can be summed up in 7 areas:

  • Installation
  • Settings changed through the control panel
  • Focus on specific phone numbers to log/record/notify
  • Remote SMS commands
  • No additional fees
  • Free customer support
  • View logs from any location

It is for these reasons that PhoneSheriff spy software is used by parents, employers, and spouses to get to the truth about the activities of those they love and look after.

Parents want to ensure that their children use their smart devices safely and not for mischief or to cover their tracks in wrongdoings. Employers are charged with making sure company-issued smart devices are used only for work. And finally, spouses want to make sure that their partners are not using smart devices to carry out cheating affairs.

Installation Is Quick and Easy

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Installing PhoneSheriff spy software takes no more than 5 minutes to complete. It is simply a matter of downloading the file from the address provided after making your purchase and running the installer. Once installed, information concerning activities on the smart device is sent for viewing either through your email or your secure subscriber control panel.

Change Settings Remotely

You may not want to log everything at once thus you need to be able make adjustments as to what gets logged. Some cell phone spy products require you to get control of the smart device if you want to make setting changes but such is not the case with PhoneSheriff. You can make log setting changes right from the control panel.

For example, you may not be concerned with monitoring the photos and videos taken on the target device and would rather turn those features off to optimize data bandwidth. All you need to do is log in to the control panel, click on the “Logging Settings” link and switch those two to off.

Control the Target Phone with SMS Commands

With PhoneSheriff, you can also control the monitored smart device from remote via a list of SMS commands. The commands are used to perform these functions:

  • Lock/unlock target phone
  • Request current GPS location
  • Remove installation traces
  • Take a stealth photo
  • Uninstall the app from the target device

The ability to lock and unlock the target phone comes in handy when you want to restrict access or if the smart device gets lost or stolen.

Requesting the current GPS location can also be useful if a smart device gets lost or stolen but it can be just as useful if you suspect that your child, employee or spouse is not at the location where they called and told you they were.

No Burdensome Additional Fees

Many smart device spy software products are subscription-based meaning that you will need to pay for continuance at the end of the subscription period. This is not the case with PhoneSheriff. You pay for it once and can continue to use it for monitoring for life.

Customer Support When You Need It

PhoneSheriff also makes it easy when it comes to customer support. You can submit a support ticket, access their troubleshooter database, view their knowledgebase of frequently-asked questions, or chat with a representative online. They even post their toll-free number on their home page where you can call and speak with a representative live Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. U.S. Eastern Standard Time.

Mobility in Monitoring

A critical component to the effectiveness of the PhoneSheriff smart device spy system is the ability to view the logs that it collects. You can do this from either your secure subscriber control panel or receive them in your email inbox. The latter gives you mobility because you will not be tied to a desktop computer.

With all of these ease-of-use features there is really no reason to not get PhoneSheriff spy software to monitor the smart devices of those whom you look after. Ease-of-use at an affordable price allows you to get to the truth quickly. Avoid the troubles that come from the abuses of unmonitored smart devices and purchase PhoneSheriff at your first opportunity.

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