SMS Spy App

Some time ago, I decided to issue smartphones to my employees. I am the owner of a small business that services communications towers thus I have technicians in the field throughout each day. I did not want to place a personal expense on them by making them use their personal smartphones thus I issued company-bought devices. However, some of my friends who own businesses as well gave me warnings about what happens when employees get issued smartphones. Thus, my solution was to purchase an SMS spy app to run on their devices. I am certainly happy that I did andRead More

How I Discovered my Cheating Spouse with mSpy

I never suspected there would come a day when I would discover my wife cheating on me. However, I am thankful to the mSpy cell phone spy app because it helped me get to the truth and in the long run protect my assets and family. The Behavior that Made Me Suspicious It was the suspicious behavior of my cheating spouse that prompted me to get mSpy. She showed all the typical behaviors that those having affairs display to include: Ducking outside when she received a phone call Not being able to explain long absences Always texting and even inRead More

How Easy Is It to Use PhoneSheriff?

The quick answer to this question is that it is extremely easy to use PhoneSheriff to spy on the smartphone, iPad, or tablet computer used by your child, employee, or spouse. This ease-of-use allows you to get to the truth quickly with regard to their activities on these smart devices. The Features That Make It Easy You will find what makes phonesheriff easy to use can be summed up in 7 areas: Installation Settings changed through the control panel Focus on specific phone numbers to log/record/notify Remote SMS commands No additional fees Free customer support View logs from any locationRead More

Mobile Spy

You will get the most advanced features in the mobile monitoring field when you purchase the Mobile Spy software. This software is compatible with most phones and carriers. Mobile Spy offers features that other mobile monitoring softwares do not. That’s what makes Mobile Spy a clear choice. Internet Activity As a parent, todays world is filled with so many negative things that we cannot always shelter our kids from. Thankfully, monitoring their internet activity with Mobile Spy can help you ensure they are not looking at inappropriate things. Mobile devices are so convenient, but they cause a very big inconvenient’sRead More